Autumnal Road Trip To The Beach

by - Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yesterday on a late afternoon after watching Gold finger, one of the Bond classics which were on the box with new channels 007 HD.

     At a last minute idea we all hopped into the car, all wrapped up in the autumnal warmers from Barbour jackets, jumpers, shirts, Uggs, and Converses.  Headed off to one of family annual seaside places to see the illuminations. It was a late afternoon/ early evening as we arrived which really gave us a stunning view, as we walked from the north pier to the south pier beside the sea. As you looked out to sea all you see was this sunset and clouds whilst, the water was calmly coming in to shore.

  I don’t know where seasides get this idea of having fresh doughnuts on the root you’re walking too… However, as always you cannot tempt yourself away because of the fresh smell of doughnuts only going for a couple of quid; which is warming bargain and filler as you continue your coastal walk…

   Popping in and out of the traditional slot machines and amusements which reminded me why we come back to Blackpool just for a blow out...

  As we approached the south pier it was nearly enough dark and all you could see was the illuminations flashing amongst the crowd route, as we made our way back to the north pier to grab some fish ‘n’ chips. On the lines of fish ‘n’ chips I recommend the Derby Supper Club because, the fish is fresh and larger on the average size whilst the chips were properly cooked. Costing only £4 you’ve gained a good super.

  As we made our way out of Blackpool the illuminations just got better, from billboards featuring Egyptians, childhood classics, and more cultural inspired illuminations. It was quite an interesting piece of entertainment from the back of the car as we were in heavy traffic.

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