Right Side or Wrong Side? Wake up on the right side of you

by - Friday, October 26, 2012

Vivienne Westwood AW11

It’s that time of year again for Candy, Costumes and the amounts of makeup…

Halloween make up is generally heavier and thicker than normal everyday makeup. Once the party is over, do not and I repeat do not, fall into bed with your fright mask intact.

  Prep your skin before you apply your makeup. Make sure you cleanse your face, according to your skins routine. Then thoroughly moisture your skin before applying your make up, it will help your face stay fresh and hydrated. I use boots no7 essential range which really works to your skin routine however, there are much more skin care ranges out there to suit you.

Removal of make up: Use eye remover to remove your eye make up. (During a beauty tutorial I was given this tip because, eye make up takes so much time remove without eye removal).   Whilst cleansing your face with the appropriate wash, toner, along with moisturizing of a night cream or serum.  

·        Tip: Leave all your facial products out on the counter or the traditional bathroom shelf, before you leave for the night. It will help you remember after a long night out.

You’ll be able to wake up the night day with a beautiful complexion without waking up like your fight mask the night before.

Happy Halloween!

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