'THEN AND NOW' Designer Profile: Georgia Hardinge

by - Monday, October 29, 2012


For the first designer profile for ‘THEN AND NOW’, I thought I would go on something which is original and unique to start off this very autumnal wintery Monday. Just to create that ‘open mind feeling’ regarding the readers who have not visited the luxury online shopping destination.  I feel this will give you a wider insight into these designers, who will be featuring on the blog throughout this week.
  I chose Georgia Hardinge to start of this designer profile because, when I came across her ready to wear collection it ticked the most important boxes of originality and statement staple pieces. Which to me are the most important two things you look for when reviewing a profile of work.
   To my discovery I learnt that she uses landscapes to flatter and sculpture a women’s silhouette. Which just reflects how Hardinge uses her inspiration through her interests into her own work; I think that just adds a touch of excitement into her work. Due to the fact there are different angles Hardinge could work at regarding, the different areas of staple pieces within any women’s closet. Hardinge has worked with clients such as Victoria Secrets and Swarovski.

 Through working with ‘THEN AND NOW’ Hardinge’s work comes into the trends categories of colour blocking and play prints.

The pieces she has featured on ‘THEN AND NOW’ offers you a small handful of staple pieces, you’ll need within your everyday closet ladies. Starting with the top half Hardinge offers you a box crop tee which comes in a colour blocking statement of colours, of orange and grey. Whilst having the little details of buttons along the back, within the material of wool and silk.
 If you cannot get enough of Hardinge staple statements, take a look at the Vessel Shorts. These come with a tailored high waist featuring, a line pattern of a contrasting colour palette of black and orange. 
Speaking of one of Hardinge skills ‘THEN AND NOW’ website features one of her flattering and sculpted dressers. (This is one of my favourites). This piece is perfect for the office or the evening because, it will tailor you all in the right places ladies! Hardinge’s cylinder dress comes in a light silk grey colour palette with a detailing of a zip. Whilst adding figure shaping folds along the front to create the cylinder look.
One of Georgia Hardinge’s believes just sums up her work. Don’t you think?
 'The highest approach of art awareness is through Fashion'.

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