'THEN AND NOW' Designer Profile: Ralph Masri's Jewellery Collection

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Through the brand of ‘THEN AND NOW’ I’ve have been given access to some of their designers and jewellers.  From looking through the designers and jewellers, I have nailed it down to four designers.
Yesterday we had ready to wear designer Georgia Hardinge however, today as an accessory post (which I normally do on a Tuesday) I thought Jewellery designer Ralph Masri was perfect.

Ralph Masri caught my eye has I looked through the jewellers portfolio of work, regarding the products available on ‘THEN AND NOW’ luxury online shopping destination. As well as the pictures I was set by the brand’s PR girl. Masri jewellery is quite glamorous and perfect for making a statement accessory as a part of your eveningwear ladies.
  Masri developed his jewellery art skills at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. Since graduating he has launched his own jewellery collection, which was only founded last year. He has quickly become known for his jewellery through being, nominated for a UK jewellery Award for Best Catwalk Jewellery just at the age of 20.

His jewellery is like no accessory you will get. There is that uniqueness you get from viewing the different types of bangles, cuffs, and rings Ralph Masri jewellery collection has got to offer. The jewellery pieces are made with a combination of precious and semi-precious stones achieving the most gorgeous effects.  Whilst adding the style element of a mixture of traditional themes with a contemporary, edgy, brave, and intrepid details.

Masri bangles come in array of colours from rose gold, silver, cognac diamond, and the classic black and gold. These bangles have an intricate decoration whilst having a soft edging. These bangles come in the price range of £265-£3,850 depending on the size.

Following on from bangles the collection explores the cuffs which come beautifully in black and white sliver.  Whilst having that detailing shape of a butterfly, which features a more intricate design of sliver sterling plate rhodium. These cuffs come in the price range of £475

Moving onto the smallest piece in the jewellery collection, Masri offers the rings which are meant to be. These rings start off with the basic black and white sliver intricate pattern design however, whilst you look deeper into Masri’s jewellery collection you can that the rings so more intricate. By keeping the same design pattern Masri adds that extra touch to the rings through extending the colours from Rose Gold, the classic black and gold, to adding exquisite brown diamonds.   

Overall these jewellery pieces are the perfect investment to make ladies, within your eveningwear accessories whilst adding the touch of romance with the meant to be rings.

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