'THEN AND NOW' Shoe Desginer: Theresa Ebagua

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

 Morning readers,
Start your day on the right foot with the perfect pair of shoes....
When it comes to shoes ladies we all love lust over, like they have become our partners for life. You’ll properly agree with me there? Well these shoes once discovered will become you’re must have trusty companion throughout the day to night. (I apologise now to the husbands or boyfriends who are reading this). All I can say that a pair of shoes is ladies must and lust!
Your trusty companion comes within the perfect box ladies with the inches of flats to six inch heels. You can wear them with trousers, denim, dressers, and skirts as well as boosting your confidence. You may also come across some pair of shoes that turn, into the must talked about shoes whilst being a mystery too us all.

AS I say a mystery - There is something mysterious when it comes to Chelsea Paris shoe collection. Normally you’ll find the shoes are named after the designer first name, last name, or even their full name. Chelsea Paris is not named after the designer, the creator behind this classic and textured collection is Theresa Ebagua. Ebagua offers you ladies the most classic variation of shoes.
However there is a heart-warming family moment regarding this brand. ‘Chelsea Paris’ is named after her daughter. (Personally I find this very adorable whilst shows how much a mum should love her daughter; in a simple term very cute and adorable!)

Launching and upcoming Ebagua launched her shoe collection after that typical everyday situation ladies find themselves in when looking for the perfect shoes. Do you have that trouble? After getting her degree of technology she went onto launch her footwear brand ‘Chelsea Paris’; whilst enrolling onto a shoemaking master class in Milan.  

Ebagua works closely with ‘THEN AND NOW’ within launching her shoe collection to the public. ‘THEN AND NOW’ website features a handful of the Chelsea Paris’ shoe collection which shows you the perfect handful. Don’t you agree?

I say this because you have the perfect inch of a traditional heeled pairs of shoes which come in the must have colours for autumn and winter; Perfect with tights ladies! Starting with the Heels they come with a yummy colour palette of a fruity wine, purple, and violet.  Whilst adding the hint of culture around an Africa print. That just adds a statement in the process.

Moving down a tad on the inch ‘Chelsea Paris’ moves into loafers; which are nothing like I’ve seen before… Woven leather makes up the upper of the shoe whilst the hints of primary summer colours hit you whilst, keeping in balance with the beige woven leather. Colour popping from Black, blue, and yellow. ‘Chelsea Paris’ turns up the coverage by adding in boots whilst keeping in with the woven leather.

These comfy loafers and boots are not meant to be missed ladies!
The 24 hour flats come into the shoe collection which again uses the woven leather, to create that comfy feel for the wearer; to me this adds Ebagua knowledge about her customers. Speaking of Ebagua knowledge around her consumers, she stands by this motto which reflects her shoe collection all together. ‘I am my own customer, I want my customers to feel what I feel in my shoes- confident and empowered, with a bold sense of style and self’. Personally after seeing her shoes and exploring the shoe collection it just reflects how you have to put yourself, into your consumers shoes before acting and becoming successful….
The comfy flats that you can wear from day to night comes in the colour popping colours of pink, orange, black, sand and along with a trio palette of black, blue, and yellow.

Make a statement when you can ladies!

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