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I was over the moon when one of my loyal PR girls, sent me a request to post about a luxury online shopping destination ‘THEN AND NOW’.

   ‘THEN AND NOW’ is a digital innovation done by Lian Michelson, who worked at Morgan Stanley as a city banker. Michelson came around this idea through the every day to day lunch break however; she was suffering an internet shopping need we all look for. Michelson’s need was to have a great site so she could shop effectively online on her almost, non – existent lunch break.

  The site offers emerging and established designers for ‘NOW’, whilst ‘THEN’ provides past collections at discounts up to 70% off RRP.
  They also work with a large number of other popular online retailers (including my-wardrobe, matches, coggles, the outnet,) so they can view all their products,and ‘THEN AND NOW’s, in ONE place. So, for example, if you are searching for the perfect black leather jacket, you can view all the leather jackets that all these shops offer on the one site, rather than having to trawl through several different websites.

This effective digital innovation offers classic brands such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Stella McCartney amongst many others. However I know a classic brand is like the A-Z of fashion but on the other hand we know the inside and out to these classic high end brands.
There is different concept of designers on ‘THEN AND NOW’s website which makes me want, to go deeper to find more about these unique and upcoming designers ‘THEN AND NOW’ work with. This is why I wanted to work with the epic brand because; they offer upcoming and unique designers which I can link through the new talent section of the blog. What’s more important than expressing a talent to your industry?

    ‘THEN AND NOW’ reflect this quite productively because, they work closely with their designers so they can offer their own customers, and also feature an exclusive concept. Which is what any designer desires for within any store. To name a few ‘THEN AND NOW’ work with unique and upcoming designers such has Zoe & Morgan, Kat Maconie, Maria Francesca Pepe, Georgia Hardinge, American Retro, Atalanta Weller, Meli Melo, and CC Kuo.

      What more can you get in one place at a time? You have all your favourite and upcoming brands amongst one click of decisional click of a button?

  For me it’s the perfect destination to do your retail therapy through anytime of the day. (I click on during the busiest times of my day, but that’s me for you. However I still complete everything on to do list). It’s perfect to use during any time of your day, whilst juggling day to day life because it simple to use however the hardest part is that you have decide what your shopping for and what outfit to choose.

   Get yourself shopping online today at www.thenandnowshop.com

Look out for posts popping up regarding some of the ‘THEN AND NOW’ designers portfolio’s within the new talent next week.

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