Travel Edit: Out to Outlane

by - Monday, October 22, 2012

Over the weekend it’s been quite autumnal style of being with family, whilst being in the surrounding of what Yorkshire has got to offer this time of year.

   We took a ride out to one of the Outlane’s Farm Shop which was recommend to my Grandmother by one of her dear friends, which we thought we try out because it was well reviewed by her which gives an insight to that you must go. My grandmother’s view on places and events are quite taken as a high authority view of point, within the family.

  The farm shop has a little central section of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables which was the perfect combination to make up the perfect stew or even apple tart because, there was boxes filled with Granny Smiths to a different variety of pumpkins.

The famous cafe from Last of the Summer Wine
   All surrounded by shelves with filled with freshly baked bread which baked on site which makes it more special to purchase. The bakery side was filled with milk to wholegrain teacakes and bread. However, they did offer some gluten free selection which was quite small. On the other hand I understand why because, people don’t understand how unique this way of a diet is. Best place to go for this type of diet.

   Picking the meat for the traditional Sunday roast would go undecided because, there was a vast range of different meats which was quite impressive to say the farm shop was quite small.

   However, as ever there was that part which was filled with your childhood classics from Manchester Tart to Carmel Shortcake. (After a while we choose a classic which was the Manchester Tart, which we used to get from our local bakery before it closed).

   We continued our countryside road trip and made our way to Holmfirth which is quite famous within the fact it was the set for ‘Last of the Summer Wine’. We managed to go round the village which was filled with character from the market to the stream which ran through. (It brought back a couple of memoirs for my parents)

  It was quite nice to be out of the urban side of city and towns just for the day….

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