Keep Your Autumn Evergreen with " Spruced" Up Color Pieces

by - Tuesday, November 06, 2012

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Fall into Autumn's Colors
The intense and deep autumn foliage will eventually fade, but your fall color wardrobe updates can continue to dazzle deep into the early darkness of winter. Even as Harper's Bazaar online Fall 2012 Runway Report featured tons of snow white outfits, basic blacks, charcoal grays and an acorn brown, there was also plentiful color as designers dabbled with a mixed palette. Despite Schiaparelli's surprise show that featured pink, pink and more pink along a continuum of the palest ballet pink all the up to the deepest neon pink, the rest of the designers turned toward the colors of the season that are dark, rich and intense.

Royal Colors

Royalty has always been allowed to boldly display color like peacocks. The practice was particularly impressive when sumptuary laws restricted commoners from adornment or color, allowing only bleak undyed neutrality. Affordability has replaced sumptuary laws, yet we still look to royal families for hints of fashion trends. Thus, when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Charlene of Monaco both wore oxblood red--known to commoners as "burgundy"--during the same week, only a fool would fail to consider the color mandatory for this autumn. The other colors considered essential this season are also those of royalty and include purple (once restricted only to royals) and rich jewel tones such as a deep emerald green and a sapphire red.

Translating Fall Color Into Your Wardrobe

Unless you are, in fact, royalty with access to royal coffers and the ability to purchase a designer's entire fall line, your challenge lies in collecting some of this color while remaining within your budget. Luckily, with some care and smart shopping, this is a real possibility. Deep navy blue is one of the colors of the season and it appears that pea coats have made a comeback as well. If you're in need of new casual outerwear, why not pick up a pea coat at your local men’s' uniform store? An especially textured sweater of oxblood red might be a way for you to work this color into your wardrobe if you're unable to afford a sheath similar to Princess Charlene of Monaco's dress. Anything pink -- an unexpected and surprise color for this fall -- can surely be found in a thrift store. Finally, make sure that you find a scarf in one of these new fall colors. A deep purple scarf over a spruce green sweater, blouse or coat will allow you to make a stunning entrance. As all wise and frugal fashionistas advise, use trendy, inexpensive accessories--less of an investment than clothing--to help your wardrobe move into fall.

Break Some Rules

As always, fashion is not for the faint of heart nor are there steadfast rules--even that bit about white after Labor Day is no longer a truism, as this season amply shows. Bright colors--preferably mixed together--are still big, sharp-toed high-heeled pumps are very "in," and texture and faux fur are also big this year. Take what fits you, your budget and your personality and run with it.
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