Keeping Warm When the Weather Gets Cold: Five Must-Have Cold Weather Accessories

by - Friday, January 13, 2017

Summer isn’t just temperature-hot, it’s a hot season for a casual fashionista as well. All season long, you rock those flowing skirts, short dresses, tight sleeveless shirts and strappy sandals. Then, the chill comes on, and you have to put your stylish summer-wear at the back of your closet. Carrying your hot look through winter doesn’t require a magic touch, though. The right accessories will make your winter-wear as fashion-forward as your summer duds.

The Coat

There are only a few places in which a coat is a non-necessity in the winter months. If you make your home in a cold northern city, leaving your coat at home and shivering the night away isn’t a fashion statement you want to make. Instead of dreading the winter coat that will cover up your cute threads, make your coat the backbone of your winter wardrobe. You know your wardrobe better than anyone, so choose the coat that sets it off with flair.

The Hats
Inexpensive and varied in design, hats are one of the best places to play with your winter wardrobe. Beanies, knit caps, berets. With the right hat collection, you’ll be ready to accessorize for any occasion, from a winter day at the zoo to a night at the ballet.

The Scarves

Like hats, scarves can completely change the look of your winter outfit and provide a cheaper way to create different looks than buying multiple coats. Use scarves to tie your winter outfit together, or take your look from casual to dressy. A checked brown and black scarf can tie those brown boots in with your black leather jacket, while a draped pashmina can change the appearance of a wool coat.

The Gloves

You want to keep your hands soft and your cuticles smooth, so gloves are essential in cold weather. They also provide an easy way to change your look. Leather or suede gloves are great for an upscale casual vibe, while fur-cuffed cashmere can really up the fancy factor. If gloves have always been a burden for you, and you like your hands free, opt for fingerless mitten gloves. That way, your fingers are free when you need them and warm when you don’t.

The Boots

Like coats, boots are a necessity in many regions once those winter snows set in, so make sure those boots count. The right boots will set off your coat, your favorite winter jeans or cords and even mesh with dress pants and winter skirts and dresses. Brown-black combo leather boots can provide you an all-in-one show for wet winter weather, but can a girl really have too many shoes? Add both black and brown winter boots to your basics, and you’ll have a pair to match most everything in your wardrobe.

When winter comes, your cute outfits get hidden beneath layers of fabric. That doesn’t mean you can only look great when you’re inside. Don’t think of winter wear as covering up your style. Make your winter accessories part of your overall look, and you’ll earn a reputation as a winter fashion diva.

* This is a guest post by Brooke Samsonite 

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