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by - Monday, January 28, 2013

I thought I'd go and give you another post before I take a Thanksgiving holiday for the rest of the week!

Polka dots have been a key fashion trend for many years. Though they may become more or less popular from one year to the next, they never disappear from the racks completely. While wearing polka dot garments or accessories can spruce up the wardrobe, it's still important to make wise choices in order to keep the outfit looking polished. Below are some tips individuals can use to construct classy, fun outfits that incorporate polka dots.

·  Mix carefully. Though it isn't always a mistake to mix multiple polka dot pieces, it's important to choose combinations carefully. Mixing patterns that are two dissimilar or clash in color can make the outfit appear mismatched.

·  Start slow. Individuals who have never worn polka dots before can ease into the trend by beginning with a polka dot accessory, such as a scarf or headband. This is also an excellent strategy for polka dot "veterans" who want to tone things down for a day.

·  Keep the venue in mind. Polka dots can be worn to a variety of events, from a weekend trip to the movies to a day at the office. However, fashionista’s should remember to tone outfits down when necessary. For example, when wearing polka dots to work, individuals should stick to one polka dot garment and keep accessories simple. Polka dot outfits worn in casual settings, on the other hand, can be constructed with more whimsy.

·  Choose the right accessories. When wearing polka dots, most women like to accessorize with earrings, handbags, scarves and more. However, if the outfit is already patterned with polka dots, solid colored accessories are the best choice.

Wearing polka dots is an excellent way to express a sense of fun and creativity. By following these simple tips, fashionista’s can ensure that their outfits send the right message in any circumstance.

By Brooke Samsonite

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