Stella McCartney Designs: Elimination of Violence Against Women Badge

by - Monday, November 19, 2012

Evening readers,

It’s been a typical Monday however; let’s get on to the spare time to catch up with your daily online read of a blog, magazines, websites, or maybe a shopping online destination.  This does not happen in my lunch break… Therefore I was quite surprised to find time to click onto my daily read of fashion gossip I’ve been regular reader from my early years. However I do tend to opted for a mixture of fashion magazines websites.

Whilst reading through the hottest fashion news of the industry on this very autumnal Monday. I was very thrilled to spot Stella McCartney, standing up for our ladies rights once again. McCartney has been a highlight of showing the power women have during the years, this year McCartney has opted to design an Anti- Violence badge. This badge is the symbol of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25th.
Are you wearing your ribbon?
Here is my twibbon

I continued reading and opted to login to twitter and place the ribbon on my profile picture. This is after seeing Stella McCartney’s tweet pop up on my phones, navigation bar. (Twitter Notifications). Stella McCartney is using her social media handles such as Twitter and Facebook to promote this awareness, which is supported by PPR Brands.

I invite you readers to spread the word and start making that awareness through, adding your ribbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile picture. This is something that needs to be aware and addressed. So let’s show off our ribbons in support.

Sending a massive thank you to Stella McCartney!

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