What to Do When You're Feeling Blue: 4 Ways to Beat Seasonal Sadness by Incorporating Shades of Blue into Your Fall Wardrobe

by - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Even though the leaves are changing and everything is starting to look a bit more colorful, sometimes the chilly autumn weather and overcast skies can have you feeling a bit, well, blue. Although that feeling is never fun, you can channel your inner blueness to a fabulous outer blueness by incorporating this timeless color into your fall wardrobe. For some ideas on how to make blue work for you, take note of the following fashion tips.

1. Earrings

Especially for all the blue-eyed readers out there, blue earrings are a great way to add more sparkle and shine to really complement those peepers. Claire's has the perfect choice for this look with their Turquoise and Gold Disc Drop Earrings; however, any round pair of blue earrings will make your eyes stand out by adding an appealing symmetry to your face. If you don't have blue eyes, look for more of a waterfall style of blue earrings, so the color of your eyes isn't competing with the color of your earrings.

2. Statement Pants

You had your fun with those bright red, yellow and green pants from the summertime, but fall calls for something a little more subtle for your wardrobe. Although blue statement pants will turn heads, they're a bit more subtle than those brightly colored pants that took over the fashion world this past year. If you're hesitant about this look, just choose a shade close to denim to give your outfit a more subtle edge.

3. Button-Ups

Button-up shirts have also been wildly popular in the fashion world this year; but this fall, the trend is leaning toward denim shirts more than any other type. An oversized denim button-up looks great paired with black tights, an oversized cardigan, a skinny belt and boots for a complete fall look that's as cozy as it is cute.

4. Royal Blue

This tip may seem like it doesn't belong with the others, but the point is that pretty much everything looks great in royal blue. If you want to give your outfit that "wow" factor, while still staying within the boundaries of fall fashion trends, royal blue clothing items and accessories always provide an ultra-classy look. A royal blue blazer or coat would look absolutely fabulous during fall and winter-- especially paired with a lighter floral print scarf or even a fun animal print.

If you want to start smaller or just want to add a little something more to complement your blue fashion addition, try experimenting with different shades of blue eye shadow to give your eyes that smoky, exotic look. Blue mascaras and blue eyeliners are also fun ways to play with this color in addition to the fashion tips above. So next time you're feeling blue, open up your closet and use that feeling to create a great new look. After all, who can be sad in a beautiful and stylish new outfit?

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