Shop In Style This Holiday Season

by - Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday shopping—indeed, any shopping—is easier to do when you feel good about your look. Don’t head to the mall in the same clothes you wore to the gym that morning. Those yoga pants are comfortable, but nice clothes increase your productivity and help you attract help from salespeople. Dress up in a cute outfit that feels comfortable and doesn’t sacrifice your style.

Weather Appropriate
The outside temperature might be close to freezing, but the indoor temperature at the mall is warm. Dress in layers to feel comfortable. A light jacket is easy to take off while you’re walking around the stores, and it keeps you warm when you’re ready to walk to the car. Under the jacket, wear leggings or jeggings with a short-sleeved shirt. These layers help you navigate the temperature changes.

Easy On and Off
You’re going to want to try on some of the cute clothes you see at the mall. Make it easier to increase your wardrobe when you dress in clothes that are easy to take off and put on. Leave the shirt that buttons down the back and the shoes with a ton of eyelets at home. Instead, go for easy on and easy off.

Comfortable Shoes
Holiday shopping requires lots of walking. You’ll need comfortable shoes. Ballet flats or flat boots are a great choice as long as they’re not brand new. You don’t want blisters or sore feet from new shoes to cut your shopping trip short.

Small Purse
While you need a place to store your wallet, keys and lip balm, a huge shoulder bag isn’t the best choice. Remember that you also need to carry all the presents you plan to purchase. Give your shoulders and back a break when you carry a small purse or bag.

Your comfortable and cute outfit will look even better when you wear the right accessories. You don’t want your jewelry to interfere with your day, though. Consider leaving the dangly earrings and fragile necklaces at home. They could break or catch on the clothes you try on. Instead, wear a small pair of hoops or sparkling studs. Likewise, leave your valuable jewelry at home. You can look cute without wearing your expensive pearl necklace.
In addition to jewelry, accessorize your hair with a cute headband. It keeps your hair out of your eyes and face so you can see all the great deals. Headbands also look cute without limiting your comfort as you shop.
When you’re shopping for the holidays, the way you dress can make your trip more enjoyable and productive. Dress nicely and feel more positive, put together and energized. You’re also more likely to receive assistance from salespeople when you’re dressed nicely. It pays to look good when you shop, and you can do that with cute clothes, comfortable shoes and functional accessories.
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