Stay Warm and Stylish with Winter Wardrobe Staples

by - Saturday, January 05, 2013

Winter weather makes me want to hibernate indoors, but life goes on. I still have to go to work, run errands and visit with friends. Several winter wardrobe staples provide warmth and style. Consider adding these to your wardrobe, too!
Layering Tops
While I need to stay warm, I don’t want to look frumpy. Layering is my best friend. First, I wear a tank top that provides insulation. I top it with a blouse and cardigan sweater for work, a thermal shirt on the weekends or long-sleeved T-shirt and wrap sweater for date night. I love the versatility layers provide, and I can mix and match my shirts to create a variety of styles.
Sweater Dresses
When paired with cute tights or leggings, sweater dresses keep me warm and stylish. I love wearing my red one when I holiday shop, and my navy one works great when I meet friends for coffee. I accessorize them with chunky necklaces that make me feel good when the weather is cold.
Leggings and Tights
A major staple in my everyday look, leggings and tights are a must-have that work well with a wide range of outfits. They go great with skirts and dresses, and I'm even known to layer them under jeans or dress pants for greater warmth. I wait for these wardrobe workhorses to go on sale and then stock up on them in brown, black and gray.
Heavier than tights, jeans and jeggings keep my legs warm all winter. I wear a straight-leg pair with boots because they stay tucked in, and super-skinny jeggings look great with heels.

In the winter, I can’t live without boots. They keep my feet warm and stylishly accessorize my outfits for almost any occasion. My favorite pair is roomy enough for thick socks, and I can tuck my jeans into them. A pair with a low wedge heel is the right height to navigate winter weather while maintaining a fashionable look all season.
Bulky winter coats and I don’t get along, but I need to wear one to stay warm. I found a lined metro coat, and it’s warm, lightweight and versatile. In cold weather, I wear this stylish outer layer almost everywhere.
These cute accessories keep me warm without overwhelming my outfit. I pair a heavy scarf with a sweater and jeans when I’m running errands, and I have a selection of lightweight scarves to match my indoor work attire.
My fingers are always cold, so I rely on gloves. My leather pair keeps my fingers warm when I’m driving, but they’re flexible so I can dig in my purse for my keys. My snow gloves keep my fingers toasty when I have to shovel winter precipitation or take out the trash. I also have pair of cute fingerless gloves, which I wear indoors when the heat isn't warm enough for my liking.
When cold weather hits, I organize all my winter wardrobe staples so I can have them on hand as I'm getting dressed on chilly mornings. By sporting layers, I stay warm and look stylish whenever I leave the house. This combination is the perfect line of defense against chilly temperatures all winter long.

By Brooke Samsonite

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