Banish the Gray Winter Days with a Splash of Color

by - Monday, January 07, 2013

Winter is officially upon us. Whether your part of the world experiences dreary gray skies or the bleakness of unending swaths of snow, winter can be a challenging time of year for the fashion forward. The chilly air and need to bundle up may leave you wondering what to wear. Too often, people stick to cold weather attire in practical neutral colors. To enliven your spirits during the winter months, experiment with color. A bright splash of your favorite shade is certain to bring a smile to your face on a frigid winter day.

Look to Pantone for Color Inspiration
Each year, industry experts eagerly await the release of Pantone's Fall/Winter Fashion Report, which highlights the hottest hues for the upcoming season. For the winter 2012-13 season, colors are rich and exciting—the perfect formula to pull you out of dreary winter blues.

To make a bold fashion statement, try incorporating these colors into your wardrobe in an unexpected way. Wear a wrap dress in splashy tangerine tango (also named color of the year), pairing it with a thin metallic belt, sweater tights, and black heeled boots. Or, look for a pair of fitted skinny pants in vibrant pink flambe to make a serious fashion impact. Pair the pants with a black boatneck top and nude pumps. Another Pantone color for this season, bright chartreuse, has been popping up on numerous celebrities walking the red carpet. Find a gorgeous chartreuse skirt that flatters your figure. Add a black top, or be daring by matching chartreuse with other bold colors such as ultramarine or hot pink. If you’re pairing two bright colors, remember to keep the silhouettes simple and to edit carefully when picking out accessories.

More Subdued Hues Can Still Make a Statement
If neon brights aren’t your thing, there are still great options to enhance the color in your wardrobe. Think of rich, eye-catching colors in a luxurious fabric. For example, a merlot merino wool sweater makes a sophisticated statement when paired with a wool pencil skirt, tights, and heels. Emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and other jewel tones always look chic in the winter months. Pair colors thoughtfully, rather than relying on black or brown staples to get you through the winter. For example, a sapphire blue fitted dress looks great with a long, topaz cardigan.

Brighten Your Accessories
When planning your outfit, don’t forget about your coat, hat, mittens and scarf! Finding a coat in a great color is an instant winter pick-me-up. Consider a violet coat with toggles or a double-breasted coat in bright red. If you rely on a gray, brown or other neutral colored outer layer to get through the winter, have fun with accessories. Find a knit hat in a great color and wear matching mittens. Or look for a vibrantly colored scarf to wind around your neck.

Even if color typically isn’t your thing, winter is a great time to play around with new colors, shapes and silhouettes. Try adding a splash of color to every outfit you put together. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of those around you.

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