Edie O’ hara’s Practical Snoods

by - Friday, January 18, 2013

Earlier yesterday morning I was doing my usual round of wintry tweets in regards, to my wintry posts I’ve been blogging about since the snowy snap as come to the UK. As of one my dear followers upon on my twitter page and who is one dear designer gave me a good idea.
Edie O'hara said...
“Luv your very practical suggestions E. How about this as a suggestion? Accessories with a colourful Edie O' hara snood with a bomber jacket & several layers plus boots. Casual and comfortable during the chilly months :-)”

In a click I was up on his website regarding, his snood’s and here is the post where I introduce too you to one of Edie’s snoods apart of his autumn/winter collection. (Inspiration comes from anything). Although this post is bit random however fits into the snowy conditions outside within Edie’s autumn/winter range they are two options of a tube and infinity snood.

Edie’s chunky knit tube snoods are colourful hand knitted they are worn as a roll-neck, which gives a warm draft free experience. Coming in a blast of very colourful colours which go perfectly go with your wintery greys and blacks. From using the colour palette of Coral, Tangerine, Burgundy, Bronze, Earth mix, to deep purple they are so many colours to choose from Ladies and Gentlemen. However it makes a statement of an accessory all for the price of £19.95

The infinity snood can be made longer whilst both snoods are practical and fashionable; not tight around the neck when doubled up. The snood comes in a rainbow of colours from Coral, rose pink, Harvest mix, Soleli, Avocado, too cream. (The hardest thing about these snoods is that they come in all different colours and one has to choose one?) These come at the price of £19.95.

I know it’s just short of £20 but it is a practical investment to add to your wintery accessories.

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