Fashion Tips for the Post-Holiday Blues

by - Monday, January 14, 2013

The post-Christmas holiday blues hit me every year. I spend the last quarter of the previous year planning and anticipating Christmas, and then it's over in a flash. I miss family, shopping and baking. I finally realized last year that I need to plan for the post-holiday letdown, and clothes are the antidote. The perfect outfit with a great pair of earrings boosts my mood, and I’m going to combat the blues with my wardrobe this year.

Lace Undershirts

Delicate lace tank tops remind me that I'm a woman, and I love the fabric's feel against my skin. Perfect for every day, I especially enjoy wearing my fancy camis under brightly colored shirts or dresses when I'm feeling down in the dumps. I simply slip into a spectacular lace tank top and feel my mood instantly lift.

Colorful Tops

On days when I need a pick-me-up, I head to the colorful section of my closet. Bright red and blue shirts flatter my coloring, and I feel attractive when I pull them on.

Fitted Jeans

Along with colorful shirts, I love my favorite jeans. The cut flatters my body and instantly cures my moodiness. There’s no better feeling than dressing in comfortable clothes that make me feel amazing.

Sparkly Hair Accessories

Wild hair days deepen my dark mood. I want to roll out of bed and have my hair cooperate! I sometimes wear my favorite newsboy hat to cover wild hair, but I can't wear a fashionable hat every day.

When I need to tame unruly hair sans hat, I reach for a flower hair clip. The bright colors brighten my face and give me a smile. It's also great for rainy or snowy days when I want to crawl under the sheets and forget the world exists.
If I'm dressing for a more formal occasion, I slip a few sparkly hairpins into my updo. The crystals add sparkle to my hair and my attitude.

Leather Boots

When you're dressed for success, the last thing you want to wear is frumpy sneakers. I recently indulged in a fabulous pair of leather boots that compliment almost any outfit. The leather feels supple, and I forget about the doldrums and soak in the pleasure as I slide them onto my feet. Everyone should have at least one pair of great shoes that instantly bring pleasure.

Do you typically experience the post-holiday blues? Brighten up with colorful clothes, touchable textures and sparkling glamour. Load your closet with wardrobe pieces that undo the blues and enhance your mood.

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