How to Have Your Christmas Cake and Eat it Too: 4 Fashion Tips for Concealing Holiday Poundage

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

During the holidays, my diet is one of the first things to go. From my mom's sinfully rich Christmas cookies and cakes to French fries in the mall food court after a long day of shopping, my calorie count quickly exceeds my typical goal—and that's not even counting the non-negotiable daily Starbucks latte.

Keeping up with exercise and cutting back as much as possible are two ways to keep holiday weight gain under control, but let's face it: We're all going to indulge during the holidays, and that's okay! So if you know you're going to cheat on your diet a little this season but don't want it to show while you're working it off in the holiday aftermath, make sure to incorporate these four flattering (and flattening) style tips for masking those extra pounds.

1. Spanx Body Shapers

Spanx are a year-round lifesaver for the dilemma of tight clothes and those stubborn problem areas that really make you pay for your diet cheating. Shapewear can be a bit pricey for the average budget, but trust me: it's worth every penny. High-quality shapers like Spanx are built to last for years, so you'll definitely get your money's worth. There are tons of different styles to choose from to cater to your unique problem areas and keep your body looking smooth and shapely in every outfit.

2. Control Top Leggings

Similar to the concept of Spanx, control-top leggings trim down your middle and flatter your bottom half for a look that turns heads. For cold days, you can even wear the leggings under a pair of pants to stay warm and maintain a sexy, shapely appearance. If you're feeling daring, just wear the leggings on their own under an oversized sweater or a cute dress to mask your middle even more.

3. Fashionable Tunics

I know what you're thinking: "Won't tunics just make me look even bigger?" Tunics are comfy fashion items that will definitely hide the extra poundage, but they aren't exactly the most flattering fashion item on their own. If you want to add a little more shape to your tunic, try out different belts to draw the eye to your midsection and create the perfect hourglass look. If you want to avoid revealing too much around your middle, add a colorful cardigan on top before securing your belt for a fashion-forward and cleverly concealed look.

4. Awe-Inspiring Accessories

If you want to draw attention away from your frame altogether, top off your look with eye-catching accessories. Long, dangly earrings can elongate the face and keep the eye focused on the upper body rather than the rest of your outfit. Choose glittery, colorful, chandelier-style earrings for an extra-glamorous effect. A vibrant oversized scarf is also a good way to cover the midsection and add strategic texture to your upper half, thus complementing the loose-fitting clothing underneath.

Indulging during the holidays is a rite of passage every girl deserves after a year of disciplined dieting and exercising. Now that you're between the indulgent holidays and finally getting started on that New Year's resolution diet plan, these four flattering fashion tips can help you visually trim the excess to have the best of both worlds.

* Guest post by Brooke Samsonite 

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