Invest in your Knitwear Ladies and Gentlemen with Jack Wills

by - Friday, January 04, 2013

'Thelby Cable Sweater'
I’ve got to say that doing a style post is not on my agenda however, it is after a little thought regarding my love for a good jumper or top to go with a good pair of classic skinny’s and ballerina flats, or heels if I want to feel successful.  However it doesn’t matter if it’s something pretty ladies or gentlemen you have to think how many times am I going to wear it? Or the other errand is it actually practical for what I do items of job or life.

A sweater is something which you can put on with anything right? From school uniform, chinos, skinny jeans… etc. You get the picture whilst it can be worn always... That’s a promise apart from when it very hot in summer. Toss the coin the other way right now its perfect weather to wear a jumper. Due to it being autumn/winter but also you can take it to your spring closet as well.

Recently today I purchased a sweater from one of my dearest closets near to my townhouse which is in no surprise to family members ‘Jack Wills Halifax’.  This came my way after… (It’s under wraps is that part. Put it this way something exciting) Taking to the stairs with my first time visitor BF to see what they had within their Womenswear department. (See here for my guide to their customer service.)
From their classic cardigan’s, jumpers, knitwear amongst some beautiful floral print dressers there was a lovely pink ‘Thelby Cable Sweater’ which I thought would be lovely to go with my usual dress code. However by saying that this sweater and amongst other items of their knitwear can go nicely with a pair of jeans (blue to Black), you can wear an under shirt with the jumper or not at all whilst ladies can go for adding a heel, black or brown brogues  ( perfect for the gentlemen) and ballerina flats. What can go wrong ladies and gentlemen?

So what are you waiting for? Invest in your knitwear ladies and gents….

Where do you shop for your knitwear?

Shop Jack Wills Halifax  Tweet: @JW_Outlet where you keep updated on all the other outlets as well.


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