Part 1: Confessions of a Fashionista

by - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Afternoon readers,

Yesterday I gave you a teaser ahead of today’s post regarding a certain fashionista.

Over my daily reading of the MailOnline Femail section I’ve being reading one particular column which has expressed quite a lot of confessions regarding models, the egos, the designers, the dogs, and the diets ( aka sniffing cake) – which brought out a wonderful sense of humour of giggles.
This fashionable read of confessions is written by none other Angela Clarke who has being writing this column anonymously for three years. Whilst being a Fashion Insider throughout her entire career. After five years of writing upon her New Year’s resolutions list her aim to write a book. Clarke has finally accomplished her resolution by writing up a book called ‘Confessions of a Fashionista’.

Earlier this week I managed to get in touch with Clarke ahead of the publishing date to ask about her inspiration for writing the book.“I was inspired to write Confessions of a Fashionista by a number of things:
1. I wanted to write. When I stopped working in the fashion industry full time, I did so because I wanted to write. I'd written a column for a number of years and wanted to push myself further. I was that person that always said they were going to write a book. After 5 years of having it listed on my new year's resolutions, I finally got round to doing it.

2. I wanted to show that people who work in fashion do have a sense of humour. I hope the book is funny. It's supposed to be. I wanted to show that you could love fashion and still crack jokes about it. The well-loved, hilarious portrayals of the fashion industry: Absolutely Fabulous, Ugly Betty, The Devil Wears Prada, and good ol' Zoolander, are all written by people who haven't worked in fashion. I wanted to write an amusing insider's insight to the fashion industry. Contrary to stereotypes we're not all stick-thin, poker faced fun suckers who can't take a joke. Some of us even smile, Botox permitting.

3. I needed to earn some money to buy some more clothes. Nuff said really”

‘Confessions of a Fashionista’ is about the truth about the life of being in fashion from watching Kate Moss dance barefoot, to searching through street refuse bins to find a missing £400,000 necklace. Clarke shares her tale of how to survive the heartbreak and stay normal in a fashionable world through being on Harrods Graduate scheme to the wing and a pair of Gucci’s. Whilst finding herself in a whirlwind of couture and craziness whilst surviving a relationship break up. Clarke opens up the doors to let you step into the real life of the Fashion industry.

“This book is anyone who's ever been an outsider, for anyone who's ever had a relationship end badly and thought they'd never find true love, and for anyone who thinks that cakes were made to be eaten, not sniffed. By turns hilarious, sad, thrilling, romantic and fun, it is the It book for fashionista’s everywhere.” – says Clarke
‘Confessions of a Fashionista’ is out on the 17th January however, you can pre-order your copy for the price of £5.59. Speaking of getting a copy I will be reading the book myself and giving my own review on it in part two of this post.

As Lulu Guinness said” Made me laugh out loud…. I read this in one sitting”

For now enjoy reading Angela Clarke’s Column

Enjoy reading the book!


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