What Bright Colors Can Do for Your Mood

by - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter tends to elicit a blue mood in many people for many reasons, like fewer daylight hours, a lack of sunlight and having just said goodbye to another colorful Christmas season. One way to combat the winter blues is to stage a coup on gloom. Arm yourself with a fully loaded color wheel and keep spinning until you land on a color that makes you happy and uplifted.

Bring some va va voom to your room with splashes of red

Red is the color of confidence, passion and excitement so adding doses of this hue to your daily palette can bring out your saucy side, which is a good characteristic when facing off against the blues. Red boosts your energy level, which is exactly the pick-me-up you need to ward off the blues. Red accents throughout your home provide glimmers of this exuberant tint without letting it overpower any room.
  • Add red ribbons to lush wreaths that adorn your kitchen and entryways.
  • Adorn your furnishings with items such as cerise throw pillows scattered over the sofa along with a rich red blanket draped over the back. Infuse your bathroom with red bath mats, towels and candles.
  • Place clear glass bowls of red beads, marbles or candies around the house.
If the sky doesn't provide the yellow you need, do it yourself

Yellow's powers of positivity are strong. Just look at the sunshine, Big Bird, classic happy face symbol and other images that evoke feelings of joy and happiness. Being a dominant color, it's best to choose the shade of yellow wisely with pastels or mildly muted yellows if you want yellow to be a room's primary color, or use a bright yellow more of an accent color next to clean white surfaces.
  • Hang white kitchen curtains that have yellow border designs and accents.
  • Decorate your bathroom in yellow. Find a fun shower curtain with yellow and dashes of green — which goes wonderfully with yellow and creates similar effects on your mood. Fluffy yellow linens make everything feel better after a relaxing bath or invigorating shower.
Blue can help you fight off the blues

Don't be afraid of adding dashes of blue to your blues. The benefits of a warm and soothing blue cancels out the negative effects and symptoms of having a touch of the blues. Finding the right shade, or shades, of blue is the key to using this versatile hue to your advantage. Shades such as navy, indigo, azure and periwinkle are simply places to start you off for your journey into blue.
  • Blue is a color that can stand alone as a full wall color, as long as the shade is right, and create a gentle and soothing atmosphere to lift your spirits. It is equally effective when used as an accent color.
  • Choose delicate wind chimes — possibly with a dolphin theme to conjure the ocean — to hang in your living room that you can lightly touch when you walk past.
The holidays are a time for cheer and family gatherings, but after New Year's Day, you still have several months until Spring comes with its bright, cheerful colors; it's up to you to decorate your home until the daisies push through the soil and greet you each day.

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