Blues not just for winter: Blue hues for spring

by - Monday, February 18, 2013

As the pure white snow melts into drab gray slush, you may find yourself longing for an end to boring winter neutral colors. Grays, blacks and browns are winter staples, but now’s the time to incorporate gorgeous splashes of color into your life. Channel your fantasy of a spring beach getaway with clear, azure water by adding blue to your wardrobe.

Shades of blue: The Pantone color palette
Each season, Pantone releases a color report that's eagerly anticipated by fashion industry experts. For spring 2013, two blue hues made the cut. Dusk blue, a light shade that channels the tranquility of ocean waters, is sure to make a splash in your wardrobe. Monaco blue is also on-trend for spring 2013. This hue is reminiscent of navy with a bolder, slightly brighter tone.

Scour store shelves for these hot colors, and you’ll be on-trend for spring. You could even mix the two by pairing fitted skinny jeans in Monaco blue with a flowy Dusk blue blouse. Just remember to keep your shoes and accessories neutral to avoid looking costumey.

Ways to boost the blue in your look
As spring arrives, challenge yourself to move beyond thinking of blue as the color of your jeans. With dozens of chic shades, find a blue hue that complements your skin tone. For a knockout look, go for a bright blue knee-length dress and pair with gold jewelry and nude pumps. Or look for a fashion-forward trench coat in a punchy blue.

If an understated look is more your style, add a striped shirt to a navy pencil skirt for a nautical style. Or try a basic blue sweater in a soft, luxurious fabric. Paired with neutral cropped pants and cute flats, this look is sure to please. And don’t forget about prints—ladylike floral dresses are cropping up on the runways, making this an easy way add a fun blue piece to your closet. Adding a bold pendant necklace or a structured blazer prevents this look from getting too frilly.

Bringing blue to your accessories
If you’re not feeling up to incorporating larger swaths of blue into your wardrobe, start small with blue accessories. A bold blue leather bag adds a pop of color to a neutral outfit. Or pair a cute charm necklace with a solid-colored boatneck top and flowy blue skirt. A chunky blue bracelet can be another fun way to add the color into your outfit. If an easy, relaxed style is what you’re after, wrap a bold blue scarf around your neck for an instant touch of sophistication.

Leave the winter doldrums behind as you move into a new season with a fresh look. Whether you’re dragging yourself through the last few weeks of melting snow or enjoying springtime sunshine, a splash of blue will lift your mood.

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