Comfort over Trendiness: Attire for a Laid Back Day Outdoors

by - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When it begins to get a bit chillier outside, there is nothing better than a lazy Saturday. Safely ensconced in your home, you can watch the snow falling and hear the wind wailing without sacrificing personal comfort. On those relaxing days, there is nothing more important than creating the perfect cozy environment in which to while away the hours.

There Are No Fashion Rules on Laid Back Days
A relaxing day at home is one of the only times that you can bend all fashion rules. Perhaps that sweater your aunt Dorothy knit for you is a bit unflattering, but you’re free to put it on and snuggle on your couch without a care in the world. Choose clothes that emphasize comfort and warmth, rather than those that are trendiest, to stay cozy this weekend.

Warm Clothes: The Basics
The number one rule when it comes to staying comfortable is this: layer, layer, layer! Adding layers allows you to regulate your body temperature without having to run to your bedroom to grab a wrap when you get cold. Start with a pair of comfy black leggings and a basic tee. Add a long boyfriend-style cardigan and wrap a cute, lightweight scarf around your neck to stay warm. Or, pull on a chunky wool sweater in a relaxed style for instant comfort.

No Cold Feet
For most people, finding the perfect pair of socks is an important part of staying comfortable. Merino wool socks trap in heat without causing itchiness, making them perfect for a lazy day outfit. If you’re prone to cold extremities, pull on a pair of furry winter boots to keep your toes toasty warm. Alternatively, grab a pair of moccasins or slippers to slip your feet into to keep the warmth in.

Beyond Leggings and Sweaters
A lazy day at home is the perfect excuse to go makeup-free and let your hair do its natural thing. Although you may not be in the mood to add jewelry or hair accessories to your look, a few key details will enhance your comfort. Consider throwing on a slouchy knit cap to retain warmth. If you’re feeling really cold, grab a comfy cap that covers your ears to trap every bit of heat inside your body. Wearing a great pair of mittens can also stave of chilliness when relaxing at home.

When planning your lazy Saturday, thinking about your attire is not enough. Consider where you’ll be spending most of your time. If you have a fireplace, create a comfortable nook that gives you access to warmth. Or, find some soft throw blankets to wrap around your body as you lie on the couch.

If you’re lucky enough to have a weekend with no errands to run, enjoy the simple pleasures. After pulling on a comfortable outfit and settling into your couch with a soft blanket, you’ll be reluctant to think about work ever again. Spend a day hibernating at home before facing another week of chilly winter weather.

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