Getting on Board with the Leather Trend for Spring 2013

by - Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's certainly not an obvious pairing: Dark leather for the warm days of spring. But fashion designers are making it work on the runways for Spring 2013. In shades of black, navy, chocolate, emerald, taupe, linen, lavender and garnet, leather nearly stole the show. Whether you're a longtime leather girl or a newbie looking for a way to try this trend, here's how to succeed in leather.

What to Wear

On the runway, anything is fair game: Models wore head-to-toe leather, leather dresses, leather pants, leather jackets and everything in between. Ease your way into this trend with a leather skirt. It's the perfect garment for spring, as you can warm up with tights on cold days and show off nude legs on warm days. A leather skirt shows you're hip to the style but is modest enough that you can get away with wearing it to work or dressing it down for Saturday. Other pieces to try include leather pants—either fitted or flared—and coats. Think long and fitted for coats; less motorcycle jacket, more trench. Or try a chic leather blazer.

What Not to Wear

Unless you're feeling really brave, chances are you don't want to go head-to-toe here. Many leather dresses have slits up the side, woven mesh fabrication or other artsy details. These are sure fun to look at, but it's best to think twice before you wear them to work. Some of the new leather pieces are more editorial and won't serve you best in a professional sense. Heavy leather won't wear well on muggy or hot days. Finally, the leather silhouettes on trend right now tend to run either form-fitting or quite baggy and blocky. The former might make you look like Catwoman, while the latter won't flatter any figure. Opt for a happy medium by choosing a leather garment that has some shape and structure to it.

Adding Accessories

On its own, leather can be a lot of look. Luckily, many of the spring shades add some feminine softness back into this style. Continue to soften the look with accessories such as drop earrings or long necklaces. These add an element of practical femininity back to the garment, reflecting the mood of spring.

If you add a piece of leather to your outfit, you're basically committed to leather footwear. None of the runway models sported anything else. Choose a style that makes sense: Strappy sandals work well for nighttime but aren't the best choice for muddy spring weather. Leather flats and booties are both functional and fun.

Spring leather is a bold trend that you can really run with or just dip your toes into. One thing's for sure: Your old black leather jacket won't cut it, trend-wise. If you're going to try this trend, update the color or shape to look on point.
So what do you think? Are you loving this trend or still on the fence? Would you ever wear a leather skirt to work?

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