How to add colour and flower power to your winter closet

by - Thursday, February 28, 2013

Afternoon readers, I know that the winter coldness is getting people (certainly within Britain). Since there has been a discovery that the DKNY cozy has been the 3rd highest search item on Liberty London Girl’s Blog.  However we can’t let the coldness get our mood within hiding under the cozy bed covers and especially our closets can we? To give you all a boost as the coldness takes it snap were adding a spot of flower power to your daily cup of coffee for a boost of print and colour.
   I know you might be thinking it’s too earlier to wear prints, colour and the garments from the spring/Summer 2012 collection, well it can happen. These garments of the spring delights can go with your chunky knitwear, tights etc. Here it is the guide to mix ‘n’ matching the autumn/ winter with Spring/Summer.

This is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your winter warobe. This is because some of the knitwear pieces have been featured within the spring collections. I have picked out the top five; I would recommend adding to your warobe
Topshop Waffle Crop Sweater  Pink 70's Polo swing dress Light Jersey Knit Jumper

Floral Print Tops
Now here is the flower power to your warobe! A statement piece of pattern and colour, which gives out a burst of spring buds. Floral tops can go with your jeans, tights, skirts, trousers, and finally with knitwear. See by Chloe Floral Top Sheer Floral Printed Shell Top

Coats/ Parkas
Coats, parkas, and mac’s these are one helpful garment to help bring colour and sometimes a boost of prints to your spring warobe. These garments have come in colour block of brightly colourful colours and prints. They still do their job of keeping you cozy and warm whilst we go through the coldness of winter. Lightweight Water Repellent Parka SNO Ski Jacket Daisy Print Parka

I think you will thinking wearing skirts in this weather?? Well girl’s there is answer to that question, the wonderful warm and cozy tights come into play. Wearing skirts in this weather does not have to be a no no girl’s because, simple comfy black or any coloured tights can find their purpose within your spring warobe. Liquirizia pleated stretch cotton poplin skirt Skater Skirt

The DKNY Cozy
Finally to finish the dkny cozy is the most have for any outfit. Since it can be worn twelve different ways and keeps you stylishly warm throughout your day. Also it has its own app on the apple itunes store. DKNY Cozy

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