London Fashion Week: Zoe Jordan

by - Friday, February 15, 2013

It’s the first day of London Fashion Week its 10am and its starting with Zoe Jordan. Bold architecture shapes and images were the feature of the autumn/winter 2013-14 collection amongst T-shirts. Slouchy silhouettes to embossed snake prints whilst the dressers were structured by the shoulders having a monochrome colour palette. Colour was splashed within the collection through orange magenta amongst, the tailoring which was inspired by Savile Row’s cum structural.

“Moving back to London I wanted to make it a sharper, minimal and pared-down,” Jordan claimed during after the show to Vogue.

Jordan’s collection has been all around the world and now she has turned to London for her own showing of next year’s autumn/winter 2013-14 collection amongst, layering down the fashion foundations ahead of the rest of week.

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