Spring into Fashion: Moving From Snow to Sun

by - Monday, April 08, 2013

Unless the Mayan calendar makes fashion an unnecessary diversion, we can safely bet the calendar will progress from late winter to early spring. It takes some motivation and fashion initiative on your part, however, to be prepared for the transition. Timing is everything. How stylish would you look at that early outdoor wedding with blue lips? Do goose bumps photograph well? Assuming the answer to both questions is negative, let's explore some ways you can make the move from winter to spring smoothly and stylishly.

It's Not All About Your Clothes

It isn't just your wardrobe that designates a season. When models stalk down runways, everything is noticed: hairstyles, hair color, nail polish, makeup, eye shadow and even if a lipstick is matte or glossy. So even if the temperature doesn't match the calendar date, you can still adopt spring fashion into your style. Practice with new hairstyles (low easy ponytails at the neck), makeup colors (blue eye shadow is officially fashionable and matte lipsticks are in) and other details (neutral fingernails in clear polish are preferred).

Wardrobe Modifications and Possible Additions

Your first priority is to choose those winter pieces that you can work into your new spring wardrobe—or vice versa—without breaking a fashion diva's heart. At the same time, having purchased your new spring wardrobe, you may hardly be in a position to purchase extra transitional pieces. As Kat of the fashion blog Hipiti advises, "A new spring trend here and there with some pieces mixed in from your fall wardrobe and you're good to go for the next few weeks."

· Spring Blazers

Luckily for you, one of the mega-trends of spring 2013 is the almost obligatory blazer. Produced in a variety of primarily solid colors with profiles that range from fitted to looser boho styles, these can be used as both fashion and outerwear on days that are chillier than expected. Wear it over a solid neutral top or a thin, lightweight sweater and you have a transition outfit.

· Leather

As Kat of the blog Hipiti reminds us, we can still use some of our leather pieces from last year's autumn collections. A leather vest or even a leather tank top can be worn with a spring skirt, casual pants or fitted trousers to again provide that necessary mix of some warmth and the promise of spring.

· Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are here, for spring nonetheless, and in a huge way. Again, as it has probably already been purchased as part of your spring wardrobe, make good use of it. Aside from a traditional bomber jacket from Loewe, you'll also find an enormous variety of so-called bombers from Sportmax and Christopher Kane that stretch the definition of "bomber" to its boundaries. Indeed, there's even a Chanel version that wouldn't have looked out of place worn by Jackie Kennedy in 1962.

Your Spring Fling

Finally, don't forget about fashion accessories that can make an outfit. Many inexpensive and multicolored woven necklaces are available right now and would make a wonderful splash of color against a neutral top worn under your spring jacket. Multicolored peacock and dragonfly earrings, pendants and sparkly bracelets are also great options to give you the most fashion bang for your buck.

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