The 4 Commandments of Doing Denim Differently

by - Monday, February 25, 2013

After wearing standard blue jeans all winter, you're probably dying to add a little diversity to your denim. Luckily, one of the latest spring trends is printed denim, which opens up a whole new world of style opportunities from subtle and sophisticated to creative and spunky. Although this exciting trend might be intriguing, it's not for everyone. Even if your style is suited for printed denim, make sure to check out the following four commandments of this fashion phenomenon.

1. Thou Shalt Rock Polka Dots

I'll admit, the printed denim trend was a little intimidating for me at first, but trying it out became a lot easier when I found some more familiar patterns and styles. Instead of going all out with a wild animal print or an attention-grabbing tribal pattern, start with a style you already wear. Polka dot jeans are the perfect place to start, since this pattern is quickly becoming a style must for spring and summer. Pair with any basic, bold-colored tee for a complete look.

2. Thou Shalt Not Mix Patterns

...unless you really know what you're doing. I've seen some fashion experts take this risk, but trust me: It's extremely difficult to pull off well. If you're feeling unsure about pairing that striped tee with floral print denim, play it safe by choosing a pattern-less alternative for one of the pieces in your outfit. Since patterned denim can sometimes be a bold fashion statement, it's best to play it simple to appear more intentionally styled.

3. Thou Shalt Accessorize

One of the best characteristics of patterned denim is that it comes with several easy opportunities to accessorize and bring your look together. Pick one or two colors in the pattern that you want to emphasize and use this as a theme for your accessories. Headbands and headwraps can be a bold way to accessorize while keeping coordinating colors far enough away from the pattern to prevent a clashing effect.

4. Thou Shalt Not Ignore Thy Age

Simple styles like polka dots can be acceptable for a broader age range, but it's probably not appropriate to rock a tribal-patterned jean when dropping off your son at his high school. In addition to keeping age in mind, also take into account your unique body type. Vertical stripes can be an excellent pattern choice for slimming down a curvy frame, while lighter shades and busy patterns can give more shape to skinny gals.

In a fashion world where patterns were once exclusive to tops, this new trend comes as a sigh of relief because it offers the potential to expand your wardrobe in a more dramatic way. With that being said, the inherent drama of the style comes with a few risks, which is why you'll want to stick to some strict rules before venturing off into this trend. If you're too tempted to wait till spring, style a few black-and-white patterns with bold-colored coats to stand out before the snow melts.

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