The Perfect Outfit for Lounging by the Fire

by - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

When the weather outside starts to get cold, there are few things more appealing than dressing up in a cozy outfit, sitting by a fire, and sipping a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. While we can't help you find the perfect tea or a fireplace, we can help you find a great outfit for relaxing with some perfect winter accessories.

The Blanket

The picture perfect winter lounging outfit would not be complete without the perfect warm blanket to wrap yourself in. Down blankets or fleece throws are perfect in this regard. Otherwise find a warm quilt or knit blanket. All of these are great to cuddle with.

The top

Comfortable sweaters are perfect tops for lounging. They are warm, cozy and won't get wrinkled when you spend most of the day curled up watching reruns. There are a few different types of sweaters in style this season so you have many options. You can look for a classic sweater that ends around the top of your pants. There are also many comfortable, fashionable sweaters that are oversized and fit nearly like a short dress. Finally, there also great sweaters that are designed to be worn with another shirt. These sweaters might be left open or tied with a loose belt. Any of these options will look great in a variety of colors such as white, gray or blue.

The bottom

Some people may find jeans comfortable to lounge in, but they're stiff and can be tight around the waist when you're sitting for extended periods. Fortunately, many other options can be comfy without looking sloppy. One popular choice is thick leggings. The only tip for these, however, would be to make sure you wear a long sweater so this outfit looks complete. Otherwise, don a pair of stretchy yoga pants, which will be equally comfortable but made of material thick enough to avoid being too revealing. Also look into finding a pair of comfortable indoor boots or slippers to keep your feet warm!


You can find amazing and cute accessories to help keep you warm while you  relax on a snowy Saturday afternoon. For example, try a warm, knitted scarf draped around your neck. This is a wonderful way to keep your upper body warm, and it also looks fabulous! Along similar lines, many people enjoy finding fun hats that can be worn indoors. For example, berets and similar styles can help hold hair in place. This will keep you looking great even if you've been so busy lounging around that you didn't have time to do your hair! Many hats also come with matching mittens, which will help you look stylish when you do step outside.

Lounging around on a Saturday afternoon in comfortable clothes is a great way to spend a cold or snowy day. Fortunately, this doesn't mean you have to stay in your pajamas and scramble to change if someone comes knocking at the door. Finding a classy, comfortable outfit can be as easy as opening your closet.

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