Time to Get Cozy

by - Monday, February 04, 2013

As the bitter cold of winter rolls into most parts of the country, it's time to get prepared so you won't be shivering all winter long. There's plenty you can do to stay warm wherever you are, whether it's at home, on the go, or in emergency weather situations. Staying warm doesn't necessarily mean wearing a heavy-duty parka that makes you look like a burrito, so take advantage of some of these tips to beat the bitter cold.

1. Keep Your Home Cozy: If you're trying to save money at home, you may be turning down the thermostat so your heating bill doesn't cut too much into your spending money. This is a great strategy, but it can leave you chilly at home. Use some additional techniques to keep as warm as possible. Insulate your home by hanging curtains to prevent heat loss through the windows and making a cute door draft snake to lay against the bottom of your front door. Consider getting a space heater so you can keep the room you're in warm and be able to wear your favorite cute winter clothes at home rather than bundling up in several layers while you're inside.

2. Stock up on Winter Accessories: Hats and scarves aren't just fashion statements. They actually play a critical role in keeping you warm while you're out and about. You lose a lot of heat through your head, and an open neck can make it easy for the wind and cold air to get inside your jacket. Pick up lots of cute, warm scarves in colors and styles that will coordinate with many of your usual winter outfits. Get a couple of hats as well, or at least some fuzzy earmuffs to keep your ears warm.

3. Prepare for Emergencies: There may be times this winter when you suddenly find yourself in a much colder situation than you planned. Be ready for it by stocking up for emergencies. Keep a blanket in your car's emergency kit in case you're stranded and can't run the heat in the car. At home, have plenty of firewood ready or have a backup generator in case the power goes out. Get a few packages of disposable hand warmers and keep them in your purse in case you end up outdoors for an hour or more while wearing your cute gloves that weren't exactly designed for sub-freezing temperatures.

With the right preparations, you'll be ready to face the cold head on, all while looking and feeling great. As you endure the cold of the winter, remember that it won't last forever. Keep a smile on your face and enjoy getting to pile on the fun accessories and wear big fuzzy sweaters while you can, because in six months, you'll just be sweating!

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