Travel Edit: In Manchester

by - Thursday, February 07, 2013

Out and about in Manchester

 I’ve been on a journey myself today regarding photographer, rooftops, culture and art. Any guesses yet?

Whilst some people were sleeping or even getting their first caffeine fix of the day with a take in/ out coffee or tea I was up and out with the sketchbook and camera in hand amongst, my classic black mac to wrapped up out of the cold. My destination was Manchester. 

The steps to the 1st floor
Amongst travelling throughout the traditional route toManchester on the M62 having to deal with the traditional traffic you find on our Motorways (well I was not driving) the landscapes of the hills to the lake within the village of Hollyworth. The snow which has crept into last week’s weather front still covered the hills which made it more artistic regarding, how the snow still covered the landscape of the hills which was surrounded by people travelling to various places around the UK.
It was a great way towarm upp the camera which brought out some stunning photos!

I was heading to the Manchester Art Gallery with some of my peers which made it a memorable trip due to the fact we re-act the part of the Devil Wears Prada moment where Anne Hathaway runs across the road (however this happened without any traffic.)  We don’t normally run across roads. Holding at the Manchester Art Gallery we reflected the artist’s work which was exhibiting in the gallery from Lowey to Des Hughes.

From photography, films, to drawing in the sketch book it was a good morning toget out of the cold whilst, socializing and catching up amongst my peers.

My favourite part within the gallery was being on the topfloor of the gallery which featured some fabulous views from the rooftop of theordinary building of the gallery amongst, featuring the skyline of the otherbuilding in Manchester from old to modern with a dry but cold weather front. 
The extension of the ordinary building featuring the 2nd floorfeatured of craft and design showcasing chairs from churches, palaces, amongsta dress and other textile objects and an exhibition from Raqib Shaw La - Nuit D’Amour.

Manchester Art gallery throughout its floors host to themost exquisite pieces of artwork featuring French and English impressions postimpressionists from 17th to early 19th century. Whilstalso showcasing the Empire Marketing board posters and exhibitions fromSpartacus Chetwynd and Des Hughes. Upon its ground floor showcases exhibitionsfrom the projects such as The first cut: Editions and Karl Fritsch’s jewellery.

As it came to lunchtime we headed to the nearest coffee shopto our surroundings being outside of the gallery it looks like the metropolitanmuseum in New York with its steps and pillars.
 This is funny part we order thelunch whilst, we were sitting at the window with the big comfy leather chairswith the wooden circler coffee table with our camera upon the table.  The coming and going of the members of thepublic crossing roads and stopping in traffic lights in their vehicles gainedus a lot of notification (I don’t know why) we was just sitting and chattingamongst, taking photographers amongst our sitting in the coffee shop which madepeople look into the windows as they were either passing or at in their vehiclesin traffic.  We was not causing a scene but it just drew people to observe us as we used our cameras  and snapped theurban setting which was in front of us.

You’ve got to admire Manchester’s architecturewhilst, It was a chance to use the camera (I’m still getting used to it.) Weheaded into the surroundings of Manchester which featured us being China Townamongst some of Manchester landscapes of modern and old buildings.  The smell of Chinese food is a yummy moment! (It’smaking me hungry has I’m typing this out.) Speaking of Chinese food we headed to a Chinese supermarket which stocked all Chinese cuisine which took us into  a moment of exploration. 

We did some more photography around the city which captured the urban lifestyle of being in the city from the hustle and bustle of people walking or driving to get to their destination. Which nicely brought us back tothe art gallery amongst sitting on the steps ( which made it feel like I was sittingon the steps of the met like, the consistence girls do in Gossip Girl) whilst, we was waiting for our pick up to take us back home.  Overall it was a mix ‘n’ match of the thingsI love to capture and it was worth having a trip out from my original day today agenda.

As soon as the alarm goes off tomorrow it’s all back to normal again for me and my peers ahead of the weekend.

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