Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Celebrating Valentine's Day Through Fashion

by - Friday, February 03, 2017

Traditional Valentine Fashion

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day falls well within the boundaries of winter, we still seem to associate it with spring fashion. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking, but then again maybe it has more to do with the warmth of true love. Valentine fashion traditionally includes lots of primary red, usually against a white background for the most dramatic effect. Pink is also a popular color representation of the season, although it carries a slightly more innocent connotation.
Fashion Pieces for the Month of Love
Here are some fashion items—both subtle and bold—for your consideration during the month of February:
  • A floral (roses, of course) patterned blouse or dress could discretely celebrate the holiday within an office or workplace setting. If this seems too floral and less Valentine an option for you, shop for and find a scarf with a Valentine motif. You could pair the scarf with a dark business suit, a white dress or any number of work outfits, not to mention its many possible additions to casual wear.
  • Don a charm bracelet during the month of February to demonstrate all the things you care about. A small red heart among silver charms portraying a pair of high-heeled shoes, a book, a violin and a dolphin will leave no doubt as to your affections for fashion, reading, music and the seashore—in addition to that special person symbolized by the heart charm. Charm bracelets are virtually timeless when it comes to fashion trends and can be used and added to for years to come.
  • A pair of white tights with red hearts—or vice versa—can be a fun, amusing and warm means of celebrating the holiday when paired with a trendy frock, especially with one of the white dresses that populated the spring fashion runways. If you'd like to go even more casual, wear one of the denim pieces that jostled for attention with the white dresses.
  • Wear a pair of red ball earrings for a tiny bit of Valentine color and enjoy extra fashion points if you can locate a heart-shaped pair.
  • Accessory stores can be your friends this month. Look for heart-decorated headbands, casual plastic heart elastic bracelets to decorate your wrists and even bright red barrettes.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Enjoy a dinner out, chocolates, roses and make a fashion statement at the same time. It's a short, cold month. We're lucky to have the holiday to keep us excited and warm!

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