Beauty: Harvey Nichols ' Beyond Beauty' Department

by - Monday, March 11, 2013

During my trip to Leeds with a dear peer of mine as shopping amongst the other shops within the shopping area of Leeds we headed to Harvey Nichols where it was all about Beauty and Beyond.
We had a look around the floors of the store since they had the new collections in however, we was there for a beauty top up. (You may be thinking it’s going to cost you fortune?)

Harvey Nichols beauty department is not all what it seems within prices; not if you head to their ‘Beauty Beyond’ section which has all the essentials to maintain yourself throughout the seasons of winter to summer. There prices start at £5 - £120+ (which includes beauty equipment).

‘Beyond Beauty’ department features lip balms, St. Tropez self-tanning before and after treatments and creams, a good selection of soap and glory, Fat Girl Slim products, cleansers to exfoliators for Ladies and Gentlemen at fabulous prices. I wanted to top up on my soap and glory products which I use all the time since getting a whole set one Christmas. They’re products are FAB! (A post is coming soon.) In the meantime I purchased one of my favourite selections of the Soap and Glory products which are their sea salt scrub, which workers wonders when my skin needs that extra pampering. That cost is £7 for deep tub of 300ml that’s the same price as the other tub I got from Boots….

One Soap & Glory, One Cleanser, Foodmarket Goodies..
My friend could not get enough of the beauty products & foodmarket goodies
My peer bought their lip balms to a one of the cleaners which the lip balms came in a pack which were a fiver whilst, the cleanser was about £14 however, some other beauty counters cleansers to exfoliators are the same price and boots was too. (I do shop at boots for my make up especially foundation).  I know that you may not want to pay out £14 for a cleanser or exfoliator however; it is all about investing in your beauty Ladies….

I do shop around for beauty products however, if you are not near another beauty store and any department store is in sight then it’s the time to use wisely; invest in some of your daily essential beauty needs.  They will last you a long time just like my MAC blusher which I got from Harvey Nichols Edinburgh last year at the price £13 it has lasted me throughout and the entire blusher pot is still full.

To find the ‘Beauty Beyond’ department in Harvey Nichols Leeds it is in on the ground floor near Bare Minerals make up counter. * The prices I have put in within this post are the prices I say throughout my visit please check within store when you visit.

Enjoy investing into you Beauty!  

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