Classic and Chic: Timeless Looks to Wear this Spring

by - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It’s exciting to anticipate each season’s runway shows and to explore new trends in high fashion. But when it comes to translating runway looks into everyday outfits, you might stop dead in your tracks. How, exactly, is a regular girl supposed to pair zebra-print leggings with studded stiletto booties and a sheer top with fringe? Fortunately, you can incorporate new ideas into your ensembles without sacrificing your classic vibe.

What is a Classic, Anyway?
As with anything in fashion, classic means different things to different people. In general, a classic look is one that transcends fads and fleeting trends. In many cases, this means emphasizing clean lines, solid colorsor understated printsand basic silhouettes.

Colored Pants
Classic looks are all about bold, clean lines. For a fashionable yet classic look, find a pair of fitted pants that hit at the ankle. Colors such as Poppy Red or Monaco Blue are fresh and timeless. Pair your brightly colored pants with a neutral blouse and your favorite pair of flats for a chic ensemble.

Little Black Dress
Nothing is more classic than the perfect little black dress. Find a knee-length, sleeveless cocktail dress in a luxe black fabric that suits your figure. Adding a thin belt in a bold color or classy pearl bracelets keeps the look chic and modern.

Add a Scarf
Even if you’re wearing an otherwise boring T-shirt, adding a lightweight scarf pumps up the fashionable appeal of your look. Look for scarves in soft, lightweight fabrics and solid colors. If you’d prefer a print, avoid trendy patterns or floral, which can easily look dated. Instead, stick to clean geometric shapes and understated prints.

Classic, All-American Look
Ralph Lauren made his living developing classic American sportswear looks. For an always-chic look, wear a pair of fitted jeans in a dark color. Add a basic white V-neck tee or a white button-up blouse to look sexy, yet polished. With a few accessories (think a simple gold chain or a pendant necklace), you’ll channel the perfect all-American vibe.

The Perfect Peacoat
When transitioning into spring weather, don’t forget to find classic outerwear. No matter how carefully you put together an outfit, if you don’t wear the correct coat, you could end up looking sloppy or dull. A bright, solid-colored peacoat is a classic addition to any look. Find one in bright red, hunter green or rich blue to transcend the seasonal whims of the fashion world.

When choosing a classic outfit, remember to think of clean lines, solid colors and polished silhouettes. Add trendy elements carefully; a cute leopard print clutch or trendy fringe necklace can look great, but too many trendy pieces distract from the timeless vibe you’re going for.

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