EJM Beauty: My favorite nourishing moment with Nspa Spa Ritual in my beauty routine

by - Tuesday, February 04, 2014

You can also dress the part for the weather however, have you ever imagined what your skin does through?
Its again this time of the year where the weather gets colder and your outfit becomes more layered up. Yet your skin's routine needs that little help in moister back from the cold bit. I promised myself to make sure that my skin gets the best attention possible regarding all the other things that add to my day. I’ve blogged about Nspa Beauty Rituals before regarding my skincare routine I’m keeping up to that however, I’ve added in an extra helping hand due to the certain weather we have in the UK at the moment.

Nspa replenishing moisture mask has been added to my list of skincare products. It’s step number three of the rituals products collection. I only use it when I feel like my skin really needs an extra burst of hydration.

 The mask is full of essential oil of Neroli and Vitamin E (which your skin needs) which can be applied two or three times a week. I use it twice a week after carrying out my skincare routine.
On Sundays and times when I just want chill and snuggle up on the couch amongst,  I wear it around the house the first (you can’t even see it on you it’s just like a moisturizer) it takes 10-20 minutes, then once I’ve had breakfast etc. I use a cotton pad which is soaked in warm water to take away any excess of the mask off. Then you’re done!
Ready to get change if needs be and get on with your day. I’ve seen a lot of good results from investing £5 (price of when I last bought it. So please check at Asda) especially the typical areas of your face where the dry areas are. Why don’t you try and report back to me with your results you know where to find me.  Next Beauty post is coming next Tuesday regarding, my addiction to Soap & Glory’s sea salt scrub ahead of the holiday body

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