EJMfashion's Social Soirée

by - Saturday, March 16, 2013

EJMfashion has a variety of options for you to keep up to date regarding, the latest news within the fashion world amongst the trends to must have beauty and brands you need to know about. Apart from having posts on the blog which is also available on mobile platform for any type of phone EJMfashion has other ways of reaching too you!
EJMfashion’s networking handles come through my love for the 140 characters which is where I’m able to update you on the latest news and gossip amongst, my street style to an open entry of being a fashionista through brands to products appointments I’m with throughout my day.

Finally the other way of reaching out to you is the instagram and pinterest accounts which features show pictures, my favourite products amongst brand promotion of competitions along with street style to anything that captures my attention of what I’m doing throughout my day.  

Having these accounts are for you readers to enter the world of a fashionista who loves an expression of creative talent whilst, being a city chic juggling day to day life.

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