Guest Blog: Fashion Designer Caroline Monick

by - Monday, March 04, 2013

Today’s guest profile is focused on French designer Caroline Monick. I have recently come across Caroline through networking between my own contacts.  Monick’s world is extraordinary throughout the sculptures and looks which appear throughout of dresses and scarves collection.
Monick is based in a small village in France, where her inspiration for her collections comes from through nature and sounds. 

When Monick started out designing she started out her love of designing when she was 10 years old, since them her career took off within designing over in the United States on the fashion and celebrity scene LA.

I recently got in touch with Monick and she had this to say about her career so far:
“I love designing dresses since I was 10 years old.”
My imagination is Limitless, I always have new ideas.
I can't live without designing.

Her dress collection is made out the luxury of silk and silk lining, which is perfect if you want to wrap yourself in luxury of silk. These dressers come in a colour palette of very natural palette which consists of nude, dark to light pink. These beautiful dressers contain Monick’s inspiration from her own village in France with nature and sounds because with certain designs of the dressers they have that added bit of detail to add in the inspiration she gets from her living surrounding. These little details come in with buttons, necklaces, even the small little details on the garments which add that special moment to it.

  Monick’s scarf collection also links in with the idea of nature and sounds, throughout the prints on the silk material which equals luxury to desire! Go through the scarves beauty which is dressed with colour palette patterns and prints of pink, nude, and the small amount hint of purple. All coming in abstract shaping which does give these scarves the uniqueness they need, to stand out from the crowd.

 Personally, Monick’s scarf and dress collection are the abstract of luxury with the usage of silk, which can turn a pleasure of the wear’s experience with the garment. Both of these collections add that extra one off luxuries to your closet…

 Good into Monick's latest collection shoot from Los Angeles

Every girl needs that extra bit of luxury?

You can go into the world of Caroline Monick via

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