High Street Fashion Week Brands: Accessories with Bagaza Character

by - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

As of last week I kicked off the High Street Fashion Week serial through an introductory post regarding what is ‘High Street FW’ amongst, what I’ll be doing pre to the event whilst telling how you can get involved.  In addition to the post I’m starting on a brand topic of Bags…

In the world of fashion bags come under the terms of accessories in most fashion magazines floor closets from the name of Mulberry to Chanel whilst being the eye of iconography as most people reflect accessories into that view. Just like the Devil wears Prada bit were the darling Anna Hathaway gives her friend a Marc Jacobs tote and her other friend tells Anna’s partner that a bag is purely iconography.  He is exactly right Ladies.  

Staying on top of bags I would like to introduce you to one brand which is showcasing during ‘High Street Fashion Week’ within the accessory department. Ladies I give you BagazaCharacter.

Bagaza Character launched at the end of last year regarding, the fact this accessory designer brand was launching through the power of the Facebook handle amongst, the word of mouth which is always helpful for a brand ( however it is isn’t good when the word of mouth costs your business reputation though).  On the other hand since launching BagazaCharacter has been working hard to develop a certain character too its bags. The designer behind of this creative brand is Jack Tolster.

Speaking about his development of the bag he commented “I have been working on a generic character to run alongside my bespoke service, I have finally come up with the character Betsy-Blossom that can be tailored with 4-5 choices of dress, hair colour and style, favourite colours etc. My bespoke work will continue as an alternative choice where the customer totally works with me to create the perfect bag.”   

BagazaCharacter has also had its own celebrity status through it appearing on ITV’s  This Morning where a young girl with life limiting condition present Holly Willoughby with a personalized bag. This particularly has gained BagazaCharacter a more known status.  This year’s High Street Fashion Week will also too. Commenting about featuring at High Street Fashion Week – “I just want to say I am absolutely honoured and flattered that High Street Fashion Week has considered me for such a prestigious event with so much choice of similar designers.”

Overall I’m looking forward to seeing what this creative brand has up its sleeves for its High Street Fashion Week; more re-fashion week gossip is yet to come regarding the brands selection of its bags. In the meantime ladies click over to see their Facebook Page.

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