How to Walk the Walk When You Crop the Top: The Dos and Don'ts of Our Favorite Belly-Baring Trend

by - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, fashion tends to be more cyclical than innovative. Many popular trends today are more or less borrowed from the past, which is especially true of the vintage fashion craze of today—sheer tops, anyone? With the spring season fast approaching, now's the time to start styling the season's hottest vintage trend: crop tops. This can be one of the hardest trends to pull off—even for religious gym-goers—but you can make it work by following these important dos and don'ts.

DO flaunt what you got

cute crop top can make you feel like the sexiest girl in the room, but it can also make you feel uncomfortable if you're baring more than you'd like to. If you cheated on your diet a bit during the sweater season (and who doesn't?), pair your crop top with a flattering high-waisted skirt or pant to keep your tummy covered while still showing off those curves. Alternatively, if you slave away at the gym several times a week to keep your bod in shape, by all means show it off with the most scandalously cut crop top out there.

DON'T forget where you're going

That Britney Spears-esque belly shirt with tight jeans might be perfect for the club, but not so much for the office. When styling a crop top, keep in mind where you're headed to decide how conservative you should be. For example, a T-shirt crop top over a sleeveless maxi dress can be a cute, but it's more appropriate as a subtly sexy look for a spa day with friends. On the other hand, a cropped, sleeveless button-up can be paired with a high-waisted pencil skirt and a blazer for a polished and professional look.

DO wear heels

Some crop tops have a tendency to cut your torso too short, which is where high-waisted jeans come in to help elongate your body. Although this can help, sometimes it's not enough. If you want to add a little more height or just aren't down with the high-waisted look, try pairing your crop top with heels to give your bod a little boost.

DON'T neglect accessories

Crop tops are spunky by themelves, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take the opportunity to show off your unique personality with added accessories. Accessories not only add splashes of color and sparkle, but can also help you style your top to reflect the look you're going for. If you want to create a more sophisticated image, pair your crop top with some pretty pearl bracelets and a coordinating necklace to dress it up. You can also try funky animal print belts, flashy statement necklaces and quirky earrings for a playful style.

Although this risqué trend might feel like a major transition from your comfy sweaters and cardigans, you can make it a bit more gradual by slowly incorporating these playful tops into your wardrobe. Start by wearing them over tanks and paired with several layers to get the feel for wearing shorter cuts. This—and doing lots of crunches—will help you build the confidence to rock a full-on, belly-baring blouse come spring.

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