How to Wear Leather from Head to Toe

by - Monday, March 04, 2013

Leather is durable, sexy and trendy—and it’s not just reserved for shoes and handbags. You can find a variety of pieces available in brown, black and other colors. Options include leather pants, skirts, shirts, camisoles and trench coats. Whether you’re headed to the office or to a girls’ night out, wear leather this spring with these helpful guidelines.

Pick Garments You'll Wear

You see leather on the runway and want to buy it right away. But will you actually wear it? Before spending your money on leather clothing, make sure you’ll actually wear the pieces in daily life.

Wear it Loose

Over time, your leather skirt, pants, shirt or camisole will conform to your figure and flatter your unique shape. But because leather fabric is clingy, it's best to make sure it's comfortable and not skin-tight.

Avoid leather pants or leggings if your legs are thick. Don’t wear leather shirts or camisoles if your stomach is round. If possible, try on the garments before you buy them so you can buy the correct size for your body.

Wear One at a Time

Your closet may be filled with enough leather to clothe you from head to toe, but think twice before wearing every piece at once. Instead, wear one piece of leather and mix it with other fabrics and textures. That way, your leather stands out in a tasteful way.

Wear Accessories

Maybe wearing a leather skirt or shirt is too much for your personal tastes. Wear leather accessories like boots, headbands, belts or gloves to help you stay trendy and true to your personal style.

Wear a Soft Look

Leather’s sexy, but it can also be harsh. Soften the look by buying pieces in green, blue or red leather.
You can also soften leather with jewelry. Charm bracelets, colorful earrings or beaded necklaces soften the appearance of your leather wardrobe.

Wear it Cautiously

The office isn’t the place to wear sexy leather pants or camisoles. Your leather skirt may even be too much, depending on your office environment. Save your sexiest pieces for date night or girls’ night out.

Wear Nice Pieces

Like other fabrics, leather requires special care. Use cleaning products designed specifically for leather. Hang up your leather pieces carefully, too. With the right care products, you'll prolong the life of your favorite pieces and prevent scratches or creases.

But all good leather pieces wear out eventually. Recycle or toss your garments when they become worn, torn or shapeless.

Leather’s trendy this spring. Get in on the trend by stocking your closet with a few essential pieces. Whether you decide to wear a leather skirt, pants, shirt or accessories, follow the above style guidelines so you always look your best.

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