How to Wear Stripes Every Day This Spring

by - Thursday, March 09, 2017

Are you seeing stripes everywhere you look? Probably so—they’re a hot trend this spring. You’ll find stripes on everything from pants and shirts to sleepwear and accessories. If you want to look trendy, you’ll need to wear some stripes. But if you don’t get them right, you could end up looking like an escaped convict or the Hamburglar. Wear stripes the right way and stay stylish all season.

Can Any Body Type Wear Stripes?

No matter what size and shape your body is, you can successfully wear stripes. Worn correctly, they create an illusion and cover problem areas or enhance your body type. Here are a few rules to help you wear stripes the right way for your figure.

1. Wear vertical or diagonal stripes if you want to look taller and thinner.
2. Wear horizontal stripes to create curves on your slim silhouette.
3. Avoid loose horizontal stripes if you’re curvy. They can make you look wider than you really are.
4. Wear thick stripes if you want to smooth any bumps or lumps.
5. Wear thin stripes to flatter petite figures.
6. Wear dark-colored stripes for a professional, grown-up look.
7. Avoid mixing vertical stripes with horizontal ones or thick stripes with thin ones. Mixing varieties of stripes can be confusing to the eye, so stick to one type.
8. Wear stripes with solids, not with patterns. Otherwise, your outfit can veer easily into busy-and-distracting territory.

Can You Wear Accessories With Stripes?

You don’t have to give up your fabulous pendant necklaces and dangling earrings just because you’re wearing stripes, but keep accessories to a minimum. Let the stripes attract attention as you look amazing.
If you don’t want to wear striped clothing, add stripes in smaller doses with wardrobe accessories. Carry a striped handbag, wear a striped headband. or try striped ballet flats. With accessories, you can stay stylish all season.

Now that you have a few helpful guidelines, try these outfits:

For a casual date or girls’ night out, wear a pinstriped shirt under a jacket. Pair it with black pants or leggings. You could also wear it without the jacket. Just tie a belt around your waist and head out for an evening of casual fun.

That same pinstriped shirt transitions to work when you pair it with a solid-color pencil skirt or slacks. You can also wear a pinstriped suit to work. With a solid shirt underneath, it’s attractive, stylish and professional.

Watch the runway this spring for wild combinations of wide and thin stripes or stripes and floral patterns. Models may pull off these looks, but mere mortals are better off sticking to a more conservative approach. Wear stripes the smart way and look great every day.

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