Jack Wills Halifax Continues its Stylish Socializing

by - Sunday, March 17, 2013

Being a fashion blogger allows me to be a part and work some of our industries most iconic brands from around the UK and the world. Staying local around in terms of collaboration’s with business is a key thing for me to do when I’m not anywhere else.

Whilst doing business in my local area it has allowed me to work with Jack Wills Northern Outlet Store which is situated in Halifax. Since opening last summer in the Halifax’s Dean Clough business park the store and its members of staff has developed. Bringing all the must have Jack Wills items into one place under great bargain prices.  Whilst holding store events to great customer service.

A part from the little things that make the store what it is as it continues to develop its own status within Halifax the store its self has developed its social media handles. Since the beginning of this weekend the store has opened up its own Pinterest and Instagram account amongst, its grouped  140 characters which has be there from the start over @JW_Outlet which also features the other Jack Wills Outlet promotions and information as well.

The Pinterest and Instagram accounts are the place where you can share your Jack Wills moments amongst, seeing the latest snaps of their products within store at their fantastic prices! Whilst opting you the chance to enter competitions and find store information.  It’s where the pictures speak a thousand moment comes into the stores social stylish equation.

Even if the store is closed you can still carry on the socializing party over through their other accounts. What are you waiting for Ladies and Gentlemen? Get clicking the follow button to be part of their digitalized world amongst entering one of their celebratory competitions!

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