Move Over, Pastels, Black and White Is In for Spring 2013

by - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Spring probably makes you think of bright pastels and colorful floral prints, but the new trend hitting the runway this season is actually a much less expected color scheme of black-and-white. Designers from Marc Jacobs to Oscar de la Renta debuted this stunning color combo on runways all over the world, which means you can pretty much guarantee it will start surfacing at your local shopping mall ASAP. Prepare to style it the right way once this trend does take off by checking out my top four highly recommended black-and-white pieces for spring.

1. Cross Stretch Bracelets

The fashion world didn't get super religious overnight; it just exploded with an exciting new cross trend. Crosses are a huge trend this year and are perfect for creating the perfect punk rock vibe. Some of these trends tend to be a little on the edgier side, so if you're not as comfortable pushing boundaries, try out a few fierce black-and-white cross stretch bracelets; a few of these will go perfectly with all the studded shoes and accessories you’ve invested in this past season.

2. Polka Dot Denim

Print denim and polka dots are two of my favorite trends for this season, so why not combine the two and throw in the black-and-white trend with a pair of polka dot jeans? You can find gorgeous polka dot jeans on the low end at Forever 21, the higher end at Saks or somewhere in the middle at Asos. Pair them with a cool mint tank and you're ready to go.

3. Black Faux Leather Skirt

Unless you live under a rock, you know that leather is HUGE right now. And unless you live in a castle, you probably know that leather is expensive as well. However, if you look for faux leather styles, you can usually find some pretty affordable pieces. A black, faux leather skirt is a must-have for a complete spring wardrobe, which features the perfect blend of cute and cutting edge. Search Polyvore for a style that suits you and pair with a yellow or red blouse for the perfect pop of color.

4. Studded Black (or White) Loafers

Just in case you don't have the studded shoes mentioned earlier, you might want to get around to investing in a pair for spring. Aldo has a great collection of affordable black and white studded loafers, which are guaranteed to match pretty much every outfit you have. If you're feeling lazy, just put on a sweater, jeans and studded loafers for an edge and personality that's surprisingly comfy as well.

Now’s the time to stock up on these essential wardrobe items to get your closet ready for spring. Even though the weather might insist that you keep your coats and boots close, the warm weather will be here before you know it. Preparing ahead not only helps distract you from the cold, it helps you save by spreading out these essential fashion expenses.

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