Other Part of Me: Rastrick's Got Talent & I become part of production team

by - Monday, March 18, 2013

Being in my last senior year which most would be shocked to know however, since I fell into the love of blogging amongst picking up a camera and shooting I’ve come into a part of project along with my peers.

Last Saturday I took out of my own time to pick up a camera and wear a suit  to a feminine quality whilst, heading to the Lawrence Batley Theatre in order to shoot some of my peers within our School’s Talent Show. Since I go to stage school there was no problem attending the role of interviewing to sitting next to the judges table filming there comments. (The best part of being in house was that I managed to watch the entire show).
The line-up for the night was a variety of young people showcasing their talent which, I love people to express their talents no wonder I place it in all my bios of profiles. We had singers, dancers, drummers, rock ‘n’ roll, piano, violins, amongst the schools own beat box crew. Staying on the line of beat boxing was the presence of a performance by UK Beatboxing Champion and former student, Patrick Hirst.

Back Stage Flowers for the Judges and Hosts..
An expression of talent came from a range of your school’s young people of different disciplines to a full house at the theatre.
The runners  up of the evening was Twins Grace and Eve King were with Grace singing Kate Bush’s ‘Baboushka’ and Eve singing ‘As if we Never Said Goodbye’ from the musical ‘Sunset Boulevard’.
The winners were Year 12. Laura Bottomley and Model of the moment Georgina Emsley who is now at Boss Model Management Manchester and has recently featured in Company Magazine with their ‘outcast’ song through its perfect harmony vocals.

Overall everyone had fun through being on stage to being the behind the scenes crew. It was a proud expression of talent for the school to reflect to the house on the night. I loved every minute being the camera girl for the night.

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