Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Collection

by - Friday, March 01, 2013

This afternoon was the third showing of Raf Simons debut for Christian Dior with his autumn/winter 2013 -14 collection. Simons really reflected on how practical the garments were and how women can take to the streets throughout the world wearing Dior.

Inspired by the pop artist Andy Warhol Simons featured motifs on chiffon black and white dressers. Bar Jackets, the elegant Dior Jacket, capes amongst the red riding hood coats made the cover up for the Dior women for the winter months. Simons also brought his own piece into the collection with his use of bustier shapes and styles whilst, the colour palette was controlled with the use of blush, grey, black and white and a hint of scarlet red.

Overall the collection was very practical to take and wear anywhere in the world so you could become Dior women from day to night whilst, gracing the elegance mannerism the Dior women has.

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