Projects a rise: Find Me The Sales

by - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March has given me a rise of new exciting projects to open up which are either in the in planning stage or physically carrying out. One in which I started within London Fashion Week was  ‘ Find Me The’ this new project has enabled me to extended my blogging about sales, trends, fashion, amongst anything a consumer needs to know before heading on a shopping spree.

‘Find Me The Sales’ is the place where you can shop without breaking the bank to get the must have look, clothing to accessories Ladies in which is answer to most ladies prayers! We give you exclusive codes to the sales at a click of a button throughout your online shopping.

Whilst there is the exclusivity of the sales of the high street to high end the website also offers ‘ The Yummy Fashion Bloggers’ in which I’m apart of which features all the gossip of the trends, must have clothing and accessories.  Myself up date the blogging board twice a week with a theme of the must have spring/summer 2013 trends amongst, the sales which land into my inbox or mail.
The team of Bloggers are fab! The girls really understand what the audience of ‘ Find Me The Sales’ wants to read and click to get must have items this gives me a boost seeking, that this project I’ve become a part of is really worthwhile.( See the posts here.)  That’s what it should be when going into partnership etc.

What are you waiting for shop the must have sales of the high street to get your spring/summer 2013 closet!

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