Accessories: Gucci's 60th Anniversary of the Horsebit Loafer

by - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coming cool and retro is making its anniversary mark this year within the shoe closet Ladies and Gentlemen. This year Gucci’s very own Horsebit Loafer is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The famous fashion house has got its dancing feet on with its very own campaign to celebrate this very retro shoe.

The Horsebit loafer can be shopped online at or one of the Gucci’s stores under the categories of menswear, Womenswear and Childernswear shoe department coming in the colour palettes of browns, hues of pinks and reds, classic white and blacks, blues hues, to yellow and greens. There is colour to suit everyone’s needs of the perfect pair of loafers this classic collection of Gucci heritage loafer collection.

 We will be dancing all the way to the store to pick up these lovely classic loafers...

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