Clients Comments

by - Monday, April 08, 2013

" I worked with Enya of EJMfashion a year ago as part of my portfolio of work for my university application for my dream course in Fashion Journalism. My experiences of working with EJMfashion has been wonderful, my written profile I produced about the brand was well-received. And this was all thanks to the connections held by EJMfashion! It's amazing how social media can create connections and bonds that would never have otherwise been created; it's all thanks to Twitter! I am thankful for working with EJMfashion; after all, I did get into my first choice university because of my portfolio! Thank you Enya for helping me with my work last year, congratulations on the past 5 successful years and here's to another 5 and beyond! I hope we can collaborate on many more projects in the future!"
Blogger- Hannah Wintour

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