EJM Accessories: The Mulberry Willow Tote

by - Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Mulberry’s Willow is the new edition to Mulberry’s iconic handbag collection from being featured on the runway within Claridge’s Ball room last September during, London Fashion Week for Mulberry spring/summer 2013 collection show.

The Willow tote celebrates Mulberry’s craftsmanship through features of helping a women carry too accessories into one accessory however, there is one thing you can do with the Willow is that you can detach its clutch on the front of the tote.

"Recently, there has definitely been a shift towards bags with versatility; a piece that can be practical for more than one occasion and combine form with function and the Willow tote has both," explained Mulberry creative director Emma Hill. "Even the perceived luxury and frivolity of a clutch bag has now come to mean something practical, something that can be used time and time again."

The Willow comes in the chosen colour palettes of black, mint, biscuit brown, bright apricot, nude, and the classic summer trend colour white. These colours are portrayed through Mulberry’s classic craftsmanship with leather amongst adding the brands own unique detailing on some of the totes and the clutches which are available in the collection.

You can get this icon two in one accessory tote from any leading department store or a Mulberry store or mulberry.com. It’s the collaboration between a classic tote and a clutch made into one... A heaven note for busy lady who wants to take her look from day to night...

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