EJM Food: Harvey Nichols Leeds 4th Floor gets refurbished...

by - Monday, April 08, 2013

This is what the restaurant will look like.
I hope you’ve all had a good weekend!  To start of the week I’m starting off with a new refurbishment n town within Harvey Nichols Leeds fourth floor restaurant. The complete look of the restaurant will be revealed middle of this month.  It’s the place in town to go for brunch with family and friends whilst, having lunch with the girls from the office to dining out with the client or partner.        

This particular refurbishment will lead the fourth floor restaurant to become the home of the metallic and bronze colour palette whilst, adding the finishing touches with hexagon mirrors, deep teal tiling and grand chandelier lighting. You maybe thinking expensive place to eat right?

In all fairness towards the new look coming to the very well-known restaurant upon the fourth floor the prices are an average price you would expect from being in the city. Harvey Nichols fourth floor offers a very wide range selection for breakfast which is offered at good prices to the item on the menu whilst, being varied enough to invite a group of people for brunch which is perfect if you want a change of breakfast setting or a treat.

Lunch time set menu comes with a price of £20 for two courses or £25 for three courses. This set menu gives you good choice of what to have lunch without breaking the bank whilst, covering everyone’s taste buds whatever your dietary needs are.  The dinner set menu is £22 for two courses or £27 for three courses. If you don’t want to stick to this set menu and want to dine out your sweet tooth pick their afternoon menu which features, classic dishes to suit your taste buds perfect for dining out for lunch and for your sweet tooth they offer desserts to their famous afternoon tea.

You can all join in with their yummy selection of gourmet food and sweet puddings when the restaurant is opened middle of this month. If you can’t wait until then you also join Harvey Nichols Leeds for late nights at the Espresso Bar; with extended opening hours, an after dark drinks list, tapas and sharing menu and new boutique wine offer.

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